Students have the opportunity to develop leadership, communication and interpersonal skills and have empowerment in the decision making process of Ivanhoe Primary School.  Each year there are a total of 6 leadership positions elected within a class, 4 as Junior School Councillors and 2 as Environmental Leaders.  Students elected in previous years are generally not eligible for re-election.

The Junior School Council (JSC) is comprised of a girl and boy elected from each grade 1 to 6 class (changing each Semester).  The JSC meets with the Principal and the Assistant Principal once a fortnight where they can present and discuss issues, ideas or suggestions.

JSC activities can include:

  • Organising casual or fancy dress days to raise funds for charities
  • Acting as school tour guides for prospective parents
  • Contributing ideas for inclusion on the school projects list
  • Presenting Star of the Week certificates at Monday morning assembly
  • Assisting with the running of the annual student disco
  • Representing the students at any official presentation

Each semester there is a single Environmental Leader from each class in grades 1 to 6 (each class will have a boy in one semester and a girl in the other).

Environmental Leaders are involved in healthy lifestyle activities like our Ride to School and Nude Food programs.

Additional information can be found in the JSC Policy under School Policies.

Upcoming Events

28 Jun 2024
Term 2 ends
01 Jul 2024
Leapkids popular holiday programs at Ivanhoe Primary School.
15 Jul 2024
Term 3 begins

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