The School Council is responsible for assisting the Principal and staff in the organisation and development of the school, in particular it is responsible for offering advice on the school’s educational programs and administration and expenditure of school funds as determined in the annual budget. The overseeing of the long-term development of the school and the current maintenance of facilities is a task that rests primarily with School Council.

The Council of this school comprises 10 members elected by parents of the school and 4 members of staff. The Principal is a member by right of office. Elections for school council are held in February each year.

Council Meetings are held twice per term (advertised in the school newsletter) and all members of the school community are welcome to attend.

Below is the link to the DET webpage with the handbooks that form part of the School Council training package. The Governance handbook provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the Council.

Click here for handbooks


The School Council extends the opportunity for wider participation by parents through various formal sub committees which report back into School Council.  Parents are encouraged to join any committee which interests them.

There are also an number of additional groups and committees (which do not formally report back into School Council) that parents are also welcome to join (see Parent Involvement).

Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)

Responsible for the organisation and administration of the Before and After School Care Programs.

Buildings & Grounds (Facilities)

The backbone of maintenance in the school, this committee organises working bees throughout the year to cover specific projects, general maintenance and upkeep of the school buildings and grounds. Working bees are organised on a grade basis and held on Sunday mornings. Families are encouraged to come along and help for a few hours. The children enjoy the morning and it’s a great opportunity to make new friends.


The school’s policies and educational programs are subject to constant review. Policy and Charter documents are available at all times for parents to borrow. Parent input to these policies and programs takes place primarily through the Education Committee.


Responsible for drafting the annual budget and maintaining an overview of the needs and priorities of the school.


A manager now controls the daily operations of the canteen, stock purchases and canteen maintenance. 

School Fair & Public Events Committee

Held bi-annually (on odd years) this committee is a dynamic combination of parents and staff who plan and present our major fundraising event. Inbetween times this team manages a great many events to promote community and fund raise for the benefit of every student and family.


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