Ivanhoe Primary School has a rich history dating back to 1853 with William Wood as Headmaster of 55 pupils in a timber building on the corner of Waterdale Rd and Upper Heidelberg Road.

historyOriginally a denominational school under the control of the Church of England, in 1881 the school transferred to a new site (current Ivanhoe Post Office site) and came under the governance of the Education Department with the designation of school No 2436.

The Impressive, well maintained red brick building in Waterdale Road the school now occupies was built in 1923 with the foundation stone laid by Mr John Cain Snr (then Minister for Public Institutions and father of the former Premier of Victoria - a past pupil of ours).

We missed our 100th birthday in 1953, but when we realised we had a 101st celebration instead and produced this wonderful 101st Anniversary booklet.

We celebrated our 150th birthday in 2003 and our enrolment continues to grow each year. You can see our current enrolment numbers here: IPS Enrolments

Today the school continues to offer the local community a high quality education program and enjoys wonderful and ever growing facilities including the most recent additions of new 2-story class portables in 2014 and a new school hall in 2010.

The school’s history book, ‘Slab Hut to Red Brick’ is available from the school office.

Upcoming Events

28 Jun 2024
Term 2 ends
01 Jul 2024
Leapkids popular holiday programs at Ivanhoe Primary School.
15 Jul 2024
Term 3 begins

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