A great value and a great concept but how do you help

your child to calm down or manage their feelings when extremely upset?

The following are some practical tips:

• firstly accept that it is normal and healthy for your child to experience negative emotions. 

• provide your child with words to describe his/her own feelings as well as your own feelings (I see you are feeling……, I am …….that you did…..).

• teach your child to say to themselves “ calm down” and take three breaths before doing something he/she finds frightening or when he/she is angry or upset. 

• discuss with your child the importance of finding an adult to talk to when he/she is feelings upset or down. This could be a family member or a teacher (or the principal)

• teach your child to think of all the positives when he or she gets upset or angry (especially when a friend or peer calls them a name.) 

• explain that if they are excluded from a game by a group of people they can find something fun to do with others. (The situation is never too bad, that it can’t be resolved.)

The important thing is to encourage communication without exacerbating the issue. Make an appointment to see the class teacher as there is usually at least two sides to every story.

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