At our Open Morning this week, we opened our doors to approximately 250 community members.

Parents and friends heard first hand from students about what they were learning. 

From Foundation to Year 6 through Italian, PE, Music and Art our doors were open. A part of the morning showcased our junior musicians and singers. When I watch Liz Bonetti and Ms Morrow and Ms Murray conduct the students and listen to the music they make I can’t help but be amazed, and proud of what our children and teachers collectively are able to achieve. 

Ivanhoe Primary School aims to provides a positive, vibrant and inspiring environment where students are valued and encouraged to succeed in becoming life-long learners who are curious, reflective and critical in their thinking as global citizens.

Our School Values are Confidence, Independence, Persistence, Resilience and Respect - for each other and for ourselves. These are not just words but actions that we strive to put into practice.  Every parent knows that this is not an easy task for young children and this sort of growth and development will always be a work in progress. 

As an adult and the leader of the school - most days I am Confident in my actions, Independent in my thinking, Persistent in my resolve and Resilient in my practice but occasionally I am not. 

However, unlike a child I know that tomorrow is a new day, 

that you can pick yourself up, 

and that things will get better. 

We need to show that it is okay to have our down moments and to be anxious from time to time. As parents and teachers we need to listen, to guide and to advise and above all work together to build the capacity of every individual. As a community, we need to actively promote our school values and to expect appropriate behaviours in order to provide every child with the best success on their primary school journey.

As educators our objectives are to:

provide a program that is rich and relevant and allows for all students to succeed,

to promote a strong, supportive partnership between home and the school and the wider community,

and to have high expectations of our students, ourselves and our colleagues.

Regardless of the tragedies and triumphs going on in the world in the world around us when I hear the choir and our musicians I can’t help but have great hope for the future. When I visit a classroom I am more often than not inspired by what I see.

When so many parents and friends seize the opportunity to look into this window of learning that the students experience each day I am reminded of the trust that is placed in us and in the value of State Education to provide this generation with the very best education.

Our Junior School Council tour guides were excited to take on the responsibility of showing visitors around their school. They scripted their own insights. They are justifiably proud of their school.

Whether you attended the opening morning, checked in on a class blog, the website or showed interest by simply asking your child what they did at school today thank you for celebrating Education Week with IPS and thank you for your support.

Mark Kent