Dear school community,

Ivanhoe Primary School is a community where exciting things are going on all the time. Sometimes evident and obvious and other times seemingly behind the scenes. Here's a snapshot update of a couple of things you may or may not be aware of.

School Review

The first panel day was last Tuesday and was held in the multipurpose room. The day focused on the previous three years of the school’s Strategic Plan and investigated data and evidence on student achievement, our transition program, student engagement and wellbeing. Feedback throughout the year from the community informed our thinking and many of the teaching staff were involved in discussions on the school’s journey over this period. This is the basis on which the reviewer will develop the terms of reference for the second panel day scheduled for November 30th. This day will involve focus groups of students and staff. From this process, the direction for the next four years will be set. School Council and staff look forward to sharing this with you as soon as the review is complete.

New classroom for 2017

The new mod 5 building is taking shape beyond the one/two classrooms and looks terrific. The old toilets are gone and the area will become the subject of landscaping conversations at School Council and Facilities Committee meetings.
Students can access the toilets in the hall but through the external doors closest to their classrooms so as not to disturb lessons. Change to routines takes time and children will need to be reminded to enter and exit the bathrooms through the correct doors. Everyone will need to exercise respect and care of this facility to keep them in great shape.

Capital Works Update

The 2017/18 Capital Works project is at a point where we are completing a template for the Department of Education outlining our education direction. This is largely informed by the School Review process with input from School Council before it joins the Phase One documentation that all community members were invited to contribute to earlier this year.
After this, the Victorian Building Authority will work with the School Council and the IPS community with significant opportunities for consultation to develop a five year master plan which will guide and incorporate the Capital Works. The original documentation said the $2,000,000 was for the replacement of temporary classrooms and some refurbishment to existing buildings.

The Department in conjunction with the school has secured the services of the architects at this point and we are still only at the beginning of this exciting journey. School Council and I look forced to involving you in the journey as opportunities arise.


In 2017 IPS will move from Skoolbag App to COMPASS as a means of managing school wide communication for all students, parents and teachers. Some of its functions include: keeping up to date with school news, checking attendance, logging or approving absences, making online payments and giving permission for participation in school events, communicating electronically with staff and accessing student reports. Training for staff is already underway and we’re hopeful that all will be in place for the beginning of the school year. Feedback from parents who are familiar with COMPASS is extremely positive and I am hopeful that this will allow us to streamline many of our current practices.

IPS Website

The new website is being developed and will form a fabulous tier to our communications platform. Access to resources, information, enrollment and policy documents and insights into our marvelous school will be at the tip of your fingers. More information on this soon.

Mission, Vision, Value & Objectives

This year as a staff and community we looked at the previous stated purpose and values statements and asked the questions. Is this IPS? Does this document reflect where we are now? And where we want to be? The result was a new mission, an updated vision and clearer values.

Mission Statement:

Ivanhoe Primary School provides a positive, vibrant and inspiring environment where students are valued and encouraged to succeed in becoming life-long learners.

Vision Statement:

Ivanhoe Primary School encourages the development of the whole student. Our aim is to support learners in becoming curious, reflective and critical in their thinking as global citizens.


Confidence, Independence, Persistence, Resilience, Respect


  • To provide an educational program that develops students’ curiosity and creativity.
  • To develop responsible and engaged learners.
  • To foster tolerance, respect and acceptance of others.
  • To build each student’s resilience and self-esteem.
  • To provide a curriculum that is rich and relevant and allows all students to succeed.
  • To promote a strong, supportive partnership between home and the school and the wider community.
  • To have high expectations of ourselves and others.
  • Our Mission, Vision, Value & Objectives are clear and easy to understood. The next step will be making sure they are clearly embedded in all that we do and aspire to be.

Have a great day
Mark Kent