All student phones are to be given to the teacher at the start of each day

and are not to be retrieved until the days end. Phones must not be kept in student bags or lockers. 

If you have questions please direct them to me after reviewing the following:


  • This policy outlines the requirements of the Minister for Education relating to students using mobile phones during school hours.


  • Students who choose to bring mobile phones to school must have them switched off and securely stored during school hours.
  • For the purpose of this policy, a mobile phone is a telephone with access to a cellular (telecommunication) system, with or without a physical connection to a network. 
  • Exceptions to the policy may be applied if certain conditions are met. Exceptions can be granted by the principal, or by a teacher. Exceptions must be documented.
  • Where students bring a mobile phone to school, the school must provide secure storage.
  • Schools will manage non-compliance with their local mobile phone policy in accordance with their existing student engagement polices.
  • Items such as smart watches that also double as phones must have their data switched off or set to school mode if that is an option.

*This policy excludes phones and devices required to manage physical health.

 (e.g Diabetes management)

Mark Kent